California teen who went missing for four days survived at high school


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00:07 25 Apr 2015, updated 02:16 25 Apr 2015

  • Connor Sullivan, 17, of Cupertino, went missing from school early Monday 
  • Junior returned home Thursday night after hundreds searched for him 
  • He used portable bathrooms at school, which has guava and quince trees
  • Teenager told police that he slept under the bleachers every night 

A 17-year old who spontaneously decided to run off for four days survived during his disappearance by eating from the fruit trees at his high school.

Connor Sullivan, of Cupertino, California, attended his first period class at Monta Vista High School on Monday morning before disappearing for roughly 80 hours. 

After the junior returned home on his own Thursday night, police who had been searching for him learned that the teenager had never left the Bay Area town and was using the water fountains and Porta Potty on campus.

Though search parties took off from the school, they could not find Sullivan, who said after his return that he slept under the bleachers every night, police told Daily Mail Online. 

Police and volunteers had searched frantically for Connor Sullivan before he came home Thursday night
The 17-year-old (pictured) was hiding at and around his high school in Cupertino, California
Sullivan reportedly survived by eating from the fruit trees at Monta Vista High School, which grow pineapple guavas and pear-like quinces (file photo)

Sergeant James Jensen said that the teenager spoke with police on Thursday night, and said that he had spent most of his time around the school and in the foothills to the west.

He is thought to have sustained himself on fruit growing in Cupertino residents’ yards, as well as that on trees at his school. 

The school, which is about ten minutes’ drive from the headquarters of tech giant Apple, has rows of pineapple guava fruit trees native to South America, according to its student newspaper.

It also has a tree that bears quinces, yellow fruits native to Turkey that look similar to pears.

Both quinces and pineapple guavas, which are also called feijoas, can be eaten raw. 

Police and 250 volunteers had searched frantically for the 5’5” 150lb boy, according to ABC 7.

His father Jeffrey and mother Jill Sullivan said that the disappearance of the hardworking track athlete was completely out of character.

His parents Jill (left) and Jeffrey (right) said that Connor had never run away before and that the behavior was completely uncharacteristic for the hardworking track athlete
Sullivan said that he slept every night under the bleachers at the school near Apple’s headquarters

Sullivan, who had never gone missing before, also spent time at Fremont Older Space Reserve park, where he would train for cross country races.

He was said to have spent all of Monday hiking at the scenic reserve. 

Sullivan also told police that he spent one entire day under the bleachers at his school. 

In addition to school, the student also missed all of his practices.

Police had searched for the teen, who does not have a car, at his school and in the surrounding neighborhood. 

Search parties had even gathered at the portable toilets he is thought to have used.

Sullivan was reportedly stressed from school, though his family said that was not the reason he ran off and did not disclose the real cause.

The teenager had originally agreed with police to do a press conference, though has now said that he will write a letter explaining his disappearance. 

Hundreds of volunteers gathered to look for the missing teenager, but could not find him even though he spent much of his time at and around the school
Sullivan spent the first day hiking at the Fremont Older Space Reserve park, where he often trained for his long-distance runs

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