Dunedin’s Causeway Plaza damaged by tornado, severe weather


Causeway Plaza sustained significant damages, with windows shattered, trucks overturned and a port-a-potty hanging on a light pole.

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Severe storms pounded parts of the Tampa Bay area overnight Thursday, causing widespread damage in certain areas, including Dunedin. The National Weather Service confirmed at least two tornadoes tore through parts of the area. 

One happened in Clearwater Beach where a beachfront sky cam caught a large waterspout moving near Pier 60. It was suspected — and now confirmed — that the waterspout came ashore as a tornado. Significant damage was reported in a neighborhood north of the main beach.

Dunedin, which is just north of Clearwater Beach, suffered significant damage as a result of the tornado, too. 

A second tornado dropped near the Crystal River area in Citrus County, which forced the closure of several roads and the cancellation of all classes for Citrus County Schools.

Neither of these tornadoes has been officially rated on the EF scale.

The hardest hit part of Dunedin reportedly was the Causeway Plaza, just off of Bayshore Boulevard, aka Alt U.S. 19, and Causeway Boulevard. 

The good news — no injuries or deaths have been reported. 

All morning, 10 Tampa Bay has been covering the damage to Dunedin and the plaza. Reporter Nick Volturo showed first-hand the damage left behind after severe weather. Gusty winds overnight even caused a box truck to overturn in the plaza’s parking lot. The force of the winds also shattered the glass of several storefronts, including a bingo hall. 

Photos sent to 10 Tampa Bay by viewer Charles Oppermann continue to showcase the damage left behind. One photo Oppermann took is already going viral on social media — the door of a port-a-potty “Doodie Calls” swept up by high winds and stuck on a power pole in the parking lot. 

There are also hundreds of people still without power in Dunedin, according to Duke Energy. Clearwater Police said power crews are working to restore power to the affected areas in Pinellas County.


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