Oakland is experiencing a 131% jump in poor people living in cars – New York Daily News


The number of poor people forced to live in their automobiles in Oakland has jumped 131% in the past two years.

That means 1,430 bay dwellers would be homeless if not for their vehicles, according to a citywide homeless count published by the San Francisco Chronicle. That displaced population is almost evenly divided between those living in cars and vans and people who own RVs.

“There are people who either are low to mid-income and are purchasing cars just to live in because it’s still cheaper and more affordable than the rent that we are experiencing in the Bay Area,” Candice Elder, who runs East Oakland Collective — a nonprofit group that studies inequality — told the Chronicle.

Oaklanders living in vehicles account for 35% of the city’s homeless population, the report stated. Oakland officials opened a “safe” parking lot for people who live in RVs in June. It reportedly includes a site manager, security and portable toilets.

A report published by the Bay Area News Group in July found that San Francisco maintains a larger homeless population that Oakland, but Oakland, which saw a 47% spike in homelessness since 2017, has a faster growing population of displaced people.

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