’Painted Lady’ Portable Restroom Unveiled in San Francisco – NBC Bay Area


There’s a new set of “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Public Works department on Monday introduced the new “Painted Lady” bathroom, a portable restroom that resembles the iconic Victorian homes next to Alamo Square Park.

The bathroom on wheels was crafted thanks to the Pit Stop program, a section of the city’s public works department that places restrooms with sinks, bins for used needles and dog waste bags across various city locations.

“We are testing innovative designs that are inviting and encourage people to use them,” Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru said in a statement. “We will continue to do everything we can to improve your experience on San Francisco’s streets. At the end of the day, the Pit Stops bring relief and dignity to people in need of a bathroom and improve neighborhood livability.”

More than one dozen portable toilets operated by the Pit Stop program are rolled out across the city by the bay on a daily basis, according to the public works department. There is also a semi-permanent toilet overseen by the program. 

Paid attendants work at the lavatories to make sure they are kept clean, working and used for the appropriate reasons, according to the public works department.

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