Windy day sends porta-potties flying through the air


Intense gusts of wind in a Colorado city sent two porta-potties careening into the air, spraying liquid onto people running and huddling for cover below.

The original video, posted by Gabriel Flores to Facebook Monday, shows debris whirling through the air as people attempt to flee from the soaring commodes. It amassed over one million views on Facebook.

The flying toilets quickly gained popularity on Twitter, where reactions ranged from amusement to horror.

Happened in Commerce City, CO. No one hurt…physically.

just think. you’re sitting there enjoying a nice picnic. the wind picks up. then all of a sudden you’re getting crushed by a porta potty comin from space

It gets so much better with Breaking Free from High School Musical

That video of the portapotty flying around in the air gives me nightmares. Imagine having any of that excrement touch you?!?!? I CANNOT

This gives a “porta potty” a whole new meaning !

It’s better with the Wizard of Oz music ???

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